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Tour de Pink

September 30, 2022

Fundraising 101

TDP is a ride centered on community and having a great time. But our mission is to raise critical funds for those diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. Young survivors and thrivers are often the youngest people in their oncologist’s office, and most resources and research are designed for people twice their age. 


Your dedication provides free community events, education, advocacy and research efforts for this community because no young adult should face breast cancer alone.

Team Fundraising

This year, there is not team fundraising. You can still join a team, ride together and get a little friendly competition going, but each rider will need to raise at least $1,000 to ride in Tour de Pink.

Tips for fundraising success

Just Ask!

Share your fundraising goals with friends and family through email, social media and even events. Once they know your reasons for participating in Tour de Pink (TDP), your community will join you in supporting young adults affected by breast cancer.


Spread the Word

  • Know your cause. Learn about the unique needs of young adults affected by breast cancer. 

  • Get social! Announce your ride and fundraising goal on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Link to your fundraising page and use the hashtag #YSCTDP21. 

  • Update on your progress. Think of these as your status reports, not just a solicitation. Try to send one every two weeks and more often near the ride. 

  • Sign it. Add a TDP signature line to your emails. Example: "I am raising money to support young adults affected by breast cancer. Click here (insert link to personal fundraising page) to learn more!"

  • Share the love. Ask your supporters to forward information to their friends. 

  • Rinse and repeat. Research shows that most people must be reminded six times before they give to a cause.
  • Thank in abundance. Send thank-you notes to your supporters.


Ask Everyone

  • Double your efforts. Ask every donor to ask if their company matches gifts. Encourage them to submit their matching gift forms along with their contributions. Don’t forget to ask yours!

  • Work it. Ask your boss for a company donation. Many companies want to contribute to a good cause.
  • Just ask! We know. We already said this. But the NUMBER-ONE reason people give to a charitable cause is that someone asked them!


Raise $500 in 10 Days

  • Day 1: Sponsor yourself for $25.

  • Day 2: Ask 5 family members for $20 each.

  • Day 3: Ask 5 friends to contribute $10 each.

  • Day 4: Ask 5 co-workers to contribute $10 each.

  • Day 5: Ask 5 neighbors to contribute $10 each.

  • Day 6: Ask 5 people from your place of worship to contribute $10 each.

  • Day 7: Ask your boss for a contribution of $50.

  • Day 8: Ask 2 businesses or companies you know through work to sponsor you for $25 each.

  • Day 9: Ask businesses you frequent, such as hair salons, dry cleaners, favorite restaurants, etc. to contribute $15. They can also donate gift certificates that you can use to raise funds through raffles at a fundraising event.

  • Day 10: Hold a team fundraising event.
  • Day 11: You're halfway to your goal!


Right-click on the TDP logo above to save it to your computer to use it in your fundraising efforts.