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Tour de Pink

September 30, 2022

Download Tour de Pink ApP

Download the app by clicking on the appropriate button below for your device. Once downloaded you will be able to log in using the same credentials you use for your fundraising HQ.

YSC Tour de Pink App for AndroidYSC Tour de Pink App for iPhones

Make your fundraising life easier and download the app today!

  • Receive important TDP updates including changes due to weather 
  • Easily collect donations from mobile devices (just pull up your fundraising page and pass your device to a friend to make a donation!)
  • Update personal fundraising pages content and photos (keep your page fresh by uploading an image from your phone right to your page!)
  • Check individual progress (you can stay up to date on your fundraising goal)
  • Send out emails to friends and family
  • Text contacts to donate
  • Post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Manage your donations and thank your donors